Award for Excellence in Experimental Music

Cat Hope: Decibel’s 2009/2010 Annual Programs

Since it's inception in 2009, Decibel, under the artistic direction of Cat Hope, has undertaken 11 commissions for new Australian work, performed over 10 concerts, toured interstate and performed at leading new music conferences and made 4 live ABC broadcasts. The ensemble straddles a few areas performing established and emerging Australian composers' works, and major 20th century European and American works, whilst creating a focus on music that combines acoustic and electronic elements. Their new and innovative approach to the 20th century works is balanced by their promotion of Australian work. Across the board, they are working experimentally in everything they are doing, from the integration of media and new acoustic instruments into their work, to the interesting communication methods for the players during performance with multi-coloured scores on iPads, the use of paperless scores with scrolling screens and projected scores.

Fractured Again Project

Damien Ricketson (Composer/Concept), Ensemble Offspring (Performers), Elaine Miles (Installation Art), Andrew Wholley (Video Art), Paul Gough - Pimmon (Electronic Music), Bob Scott (Sound Design), Matthew Marshall (Lighting Design).

This was a well-concieved and constructed project resulting in a striking multimedia experience excelling in originality and quality. The piece is based on the concept of glass instruments and combines the use of standard musical instruments with glass instruments such as a glass harmonica and a glass installation. Over its 14-year history, Ensemble Offspring have developed a reputation for original programming, excellence in performance and for consistently pushing their own boundaries.

Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey:

Constellation and epi-thet Project: An exhibition with performance interruptions and a sound installation activated by the audience. A collaboration of; Madeleine Flynn, Tim Humphrey, Robin Fox, Wang Zheng Ting, Anita Hustas, Rohan Drape,Ros Bandt, Sebastian Harris, Graeme Leak, Kate Neal, David Young,Carolyn Connors, Neil Kelly, Jesse Stevens

Constellation, an exhibition with performance interruptions and epi-thet, a mixed media sound installation are creative works that are as much about the actions of the audience as the sound and images created. Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey are to be commended on the innovative concepts and quality of the collaborators they engaged for these projects.