2012 Award for Excellence in a Regional Area

Creative Regions for The Crushing: A Gothic Opera

This is a wonderful collaboration between composer, Peter Rankine and playwright, Rod Ainsworth both of whom live and work out of Bundaberg and the regional community. The Crushing has been an artistic response to the tension between connection to place and the forces that pull young people away. The operatic tradition of Bundaberg as the birth place of Gladys Moncrieff is the basis for this excellent and accessible work that has engaged with many young people in the region and broadened their cultural horizons. It is envisaged to develop The Crushing into a full 3 acts and it has a well mapped out touring plan to include community choirs in the regions visited ensuring it will be locally relevant and build audiences on tour.  The piece is also scored to be performed by orchestra or a smaller ensemble to add to its flexibility.

Gondwana Choirs for their Cairns Residency Project

Lyn Williams OAM has demonstrated a tremendous commitment to Australian Voice and commissioning Australian choral work over many years. The Cairns Residency Project came out of the Gondwana National Indigenous Children’s Choir program which now has over 1600 children participating.  A comprehensive 4 month residency in Cairns included skills development for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous children across Cairns and provided valuable professional development opportunities for local music teachers and conductors. It also included performance outcomes in Brisbane for participants in the project. This residency saw the development of the Cairns Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir , a true commitment to that region in building choral excellence and created a long lasting benefit to the community. All Gondwana National Indigenous Children’s Choir programs are delivered at no cost to choristers, their families, schools or communities.

Moorambilla Voices - Engagement with local community

Lack of resources and distance has never been a deterrent to the vision of this outstanding festival which is evidenced by its longevity and the fact that it continues to grow in substance, quality and breadth every year. This multi-arts festival has grassroots community music making at its heart, whilst creating and performing new Australian works about the region by leading composers and professional musicians and visual artists based on festival themes. The program is far from simplistic, supports Australian new work and engages with both leading Australian musicians and composers to inspire community groups and young people to the very best in performance. The Festival is holistic not just producing the event but with a commitment to accessibility for those disadvantaged either geographically or socio-economically. Although the festival is in September, the comprehensive workshop programs commence well in advance from April each year ensuring the choirs of all ages are engaged in the creative process from conception through to performance. The Moorambilla “culture” is deeply embedded in the community in the region.

Queensland Music Festival for Ailan Kores

A significant event for Torres Strait Islanders on Thursday Island, this celebration of sacred music in the region and exploration of one of Australia's most rich musical cultures brought together community representatives from six of the 18 island communities, performing in traditional Torres Strait languages of the region. Combining excerpts from challenging classical repertoire with a world premiere of a new work by Damian Barbeler, the project entailed a long workshop process over 18 months across the islands to achieve the final colourful performance in front of 2500 people, nearly the entire population.