Rock Work of the Year - 2012

Title: Heartbreak Made Me A Killer
Artist: Short Stack
Writer: Shaun Diviney
Publishers: Sunday Morning Music administered by Mushroom Music Publishing Pty Ltd

Short Stack includes Shaun Diviney on guitar and lead vocals, Andy Clemmensen on bass and vocals, and Bradie Webb on drums. Together, they’ve enjoyed a relatively brief but highly successful career. The band initially signed with indie label Sunday Morning Records in 2007. After developing a huge online following, the pop punk trio released their 2009 album Stack Is The New Black, which debuted at number one on the ARIA chart. The album included singles “Shimmy a Go Go”, “Princess”, “Sway, Sway Baby” (which debuted at number two on the singles chart) and “Ladies & Gentlemen”. The album achieved Gold sales in Australia and was followed with EP “Sweet December”, which reached number eight on the ARIA singles chart.

This Is Bat Country, Short Stack’s second album, hit record store shelves in November 2010.Co-produced by Trevor Steel and Lee Groves, the album focused on a more "orchestral sound". The album peaked at number one on the ARIA Australian artist album chart and number six on the ARIA albums chart. In its second week in the charts, the album went Gold. This Is Bat Country was supported by a month-long tour, during which they filmed a live DVD. The band has been voted Channel V Artist of the Year twice - in 2008 and 2010.

Short Stack released two final singles, “Bang Bang Sexy” and “S.O.U.L”, before their break up in March 2012. Singer and songwriter Shaun Diviney has announced that he plans to move to LA to pursue a solo career.

Title: Love Is A Drug
Artist: Eskimo Joe
Writers: Stuart Macleod / Joel Quartermain / Kav Temperley
Publisher: Mushroom Music Pty Ltd

Eskimo Joe has come a long way since its humble beginnings as much-loved indie rock kids in Fremantle, Western Australia.

With early EPs Sweater and the self-titled Eskimo Joe (featuring "Turn Up Your Stereo"), they endeared themselves to fans across the country. These were closely followed by debut album Girl, which featured the beautiful indie ballad "Liar" and singles, "Who Sold Her Out" and "Wake Up". With striking visuals and cutting-edge video clips and artwork, the band impressed the public and critics alike with a Gold-selling collection. The single "From the Sea," from their second full-length album, A Song Is A City (produced by Paul McKercher), launched them to double-platinum selling success and spoke of what was to come.

2006's Black Fingernails, Red Wine, was the culmination of their previous works in a cohesive and pounding shot of dark rock. Debuting at number one on the national album charts and reaching platinum status four times over, the three-piece group (which now had two extra touring members), hit the road in the US, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Korea and the UK. To round out the year, the single “Black Fingernails, Red Wine” won the 2006 ARIA for Best Single. The album also won ARIAs for Engineer of the Year (Matt Lovell), Producer of the Year (Eskimo Joe) and Best DVD.

Inshalla, their musically diverse and internationally-flavoured fourth release, delivered a Led Zeppelin-tinged, Middle-Eastern-flavoured single "Foreign Land", which earned the Most Played Australian Work and Rock Work of the Year at the 2010 APRA Music Awards.

Ghosts Of The Past, the band's fifth studio album, was released in August 2011. The first single "Love Is A Drug" quickly became Australia's most added song to radio in its first week. The track reached number 33 on the ARIA singles chart, while the album debuted in the number three position in the ARIA chart upon its release. Featuring the production team from Black Fingernails, Red Wine, Ghosts of The Past is a return to Eskimo Joe's rock roots.

Previous APRA Awards:

  • 2010 - Most Played Australian Work : Foreign Land
  • 2010 - Rock Work of the Year : Foreign Land

Title: She's Like A Comet
Artist: Jebediah
Writers: Christopher Daymond / Brett Mitchell / Kevin Mitchell / Vanessa Thornton
Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing Australia Pty Ltd

Formed in 1995 by Kevin Mitchell (guitar/vox), Brett Mitchell (drums), Chris Daymond (guitar) and Vanessa Thornton (bass), Jebediah were signed to Murmur Records the following year. The group’s momentum grew supporting bands such as Presidents of the USA and Everclear, and appearances at Homebake, The Falls festivals and the release of their debut single “Jerks of Attention” kicked off a recording career which hasn’t stopped since.

In 1997 the band played more than 150 shows with bands such as Powderfinger and Bikini Kill. They also managed to record their first album Slighty Odway, which debuted in the national Top 10 and peaked at number seven. By the end of the year, Slightly Odway went Gold and sold more than 150,000 copies in Australia. The album featured the classic singles “Leaving Home” and the two Top 50 tracks “Harpoon” and “Teflon”.

Jebediah entered the studio with US producer Mark Trombino (Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182) in April 1999 to record their sophomore effort Of Someday Shambles. A darker and more emotional album (featuring the single “Animal”), it was well received by the fans. It debuted at number two in Australia, narrowly beaten to the number one spot by Savage Garden.

The bagpipe-driven single "Fall Down" was a top 20 hit from Jebediah’s self-titled third album which was released in March 2002. It debuted at number eight on the ARIA charts and was followed by the 2004 LP Braxton Hicks, recorded with Matt Lovell and mixed by Shaun O'Callaghan. Tracks like "No Sleep" and "First Time" got major radio airplay and placed the band in Australia’s collective consciousness once more.

After Kevin Mitchell’s solo stint between 2006 and 2010, the band returned to the studio to record their fifth album Kosciuszko for the Dew Process label. It peaked at number six on the ARIA chart and the second single “She’s Like a Comet” was the most-added single to radio on its release in January 2011. The track debuted at number 11 on the ARIA Australian Singles Chart and number 47 on the ARIA Top 50 Singles Chart. The track also won the award for Most Popular Single at the 2011 WAMi Awards and was selected as a finalist in the ISC Rock Category.

Title: Switch Me On
Artist: Shannon Noll
Writers: Benji Madden (BMI) / Joel Madden (BMI) / Shannon Noll / Lindsay Rimes
Publisher: EMI Music Publishing Australia Pty Ltd

Another Australian Idol success story, Shannon Noll has the appeal of a rock’n’roll everyman. Since being signed to SonyBMG and then Universal, he has released five Top 10 albums and ten consecutive Top 10 ARIA chart singles, three of those reaching the number one position: “What About Me” (2004), “Learn to Fly” (2004), and “Shine” (2005).

His first two LPs That’s What I’m Talking About (2004) and Lift (2005) were number-one Platinum-selling albums, the latter staying in the charts for an incredible 64 weeks, while his third effort Turn It Up reached number three on the ARIA charts.

Shannons fourth album A Million Suns, released in 2011, stays faithful to his classic rock roots. Partnering with songwriters Adam Reily, Josh Bidmead, Brooke McClymont and producers Lindsay Rimes and Bryon Jones, he wrote an album full of rock songs with an emphasis on being performed live. A Million Suns reached number eight on the ARIA charts and spent three weeks in the ARIA Top 50 Album Chart.

The first single “Switch Me On” sees Shannon hooking up with Good Charlotte’s Benji and Joel Madden for a driving missive of redemption through love. In an example of life revolving full circle, Shannon played Good Charlotte songs while earning his stripes in a cover band many moons ago. The track peaked at number 42 on the ARIA singles chart and has achieved gold sales status.

Previous APRA Music Awards:

  • 2007 - Most Performed Australian Work : Lift (with Adam Reily, Bryon Jones, Andrew Roachford)

Benji Madden & Joel Madden
Benji Madden is the guitarist and back up vocalist for the post-grunge/pop-punk outfit Good Charlotte, which he co-founded with identical twin brother Joel (lead vocalist). The band has released five studio albums; Good Charlotte (2000), , The Young and the Hopeless (2002), The Chronicles of Life and Death (2004), Good Morning Revival (2007) (which hit the Top 10 in thirteen countries) and Cardiology (2010).

As well as being members of Good Charlotte, the Madden Brothers have their own production and songwriting team The Dead Executives, with Jason “Jay E” Epperson. The team has co-written material for Hilary Duff, Three 6 Mafia and Young Dre The Truth.

The twins have recently been writing with Jimmy Barnes and Reece Martin , while Joel is currently a mentor on Australian TV’s The Voice.

Lindsay Rimes
Lindsay Rimes is an Australian songwriter, musician and producer, signed to EMI Music Publishing. Rimes runs a custom-built recording and production studio ‘Song Rimes’ and has recently worked with Shannon Noll on the album A Million Suns. Lindsay has also collaborated with Australian Idols Stan Walker, Casey Donovan and with Danielle Blakey on her single “Fearless”.

Title: Wild At Heart
Artist: Birds of Tokyo
Writers: Anthony Jackson
Ian Kenny
Adam Spark
Adam Weston
Publisher: Mushroom Music Pty Ltd

“Wild at Heart” is the third single from the self-titled album by Birds of Tokyo and features uplifting guitar riffs within dark and driving introspective rock. Taken from the band’s third studio album, the single achieved Gold status and was voted number 47 in triple j’s Hottest 100 of 2010. “Wild at Heart” was the follow-up to the highly successful single “Plans,” a track that peaked at number 11 on the ARIA singles chart and was their first ever single to hit Top 50 in Australia. Birds of Tokyo also performed “Plans” at the 2010 ARIA Music Awards, at which they won the Award for Best Rock Album.

Birds of Tokyo has taken its music from strength to strength. The group’s debut album Day One reached number three on the AIR charts and spent 36 weeks in the Top 10. In 2008 the band followed up with Universes, which hit number three on the ARIA albums chart.

Their latest album Birds of Tokyo topped that, giving the the group its highest ever chart debut and being certified Gold in its first month of release. The album peaked at number two and achieved Platinum sales status. Likewise, Birds of Tokyo debuted at number one on the Australian Independent charts and came within a whisker of toppling Eminem from the top of the national Top 100 rankings - thanks to the group’s first genuine hit single, “Plans,” which was ensconced in  iTunes’ Australian Top 10.

Birds of Tokyo was recorded in Sydney, Gothenburg and New York City, with producer Scott Horscroft (Silverchair, The Presets, Sleepy Jackson) and mixer Michael Brauer (Coldplay, My Morning Jacket, Phoenix) along with guitarist Adam Spark, who served as one of the album’s producers.

At the 2011 ARIA Awards the band took home the gong for Most Popular Australian Artist. More recently, in 2012 the band has been recording their new album in LA.