2011 - Best Music for a Short Film

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Title: Collision
Composer: Mike Darren

Michael Darren serves a multitude of roles including Producer, Editor, Sound designer and Composer for the company. Michael has had a varied career with over 150 Television credits, approximately 80 animated episodes, and numerous Film, Special Venue and Theatre productions all over the globe.

Born in Adelaide, Michael started his career at 15 scoring amateur theatre for shows such as Equus, Tartuffe, The Glass Menagerie and Extremities.

At the age of 20, Michael started working professionally for the award winning Magpie Theatre where under the direction of Neil Gladwin he scored, Anaheim Magic, Mr Knuckles, Dance Hall Mk 2 and Verona. From a strong theatre background he then moved onto film and new media where he has provided music for shows such as ABC TV's "Recovery". In 2006 he moved to Los Angeles to start a new company called Mammoth Sound And Vision. The company has had numerous successes for clients such as Paramount, Threshold Entertainment, EDC and Universal Music.

Recently back in Australia Michael scored the ABC television series "Horace in slow motion" and the award winning "Figaro Pho" which received multiple awards from around the world including the 2009 AFI for Best Children's Television.

Michael is currently producing several shows for the Freemont Street Experience (featuring the worlds largest LED screen at 1600 ft), as well as repeating his composing duties on Horace in Slow Motion for Series 2 and The Adventures of Figaro Pho.

Title: Polo's Robot
Composer: Dale Cornelius
Publisher: Native Tongue Music Publishing

Dale Cornelius, composer of Adam Elliot's multi award winning 'Mary & Max', Jeff Daniel's controversial documentary 'The 10 Conditions of Love' and Dean Murphy's box office success 'Charlie & Boots', has received many nominations and awards over the yearsfor his unique style of music composition. His first feature film score 'Till Human Voices Wake Us', was acknowledged as The Age's 'Critic's Choice' for Best Australian Film Score in 2002. Since then, Dale has composed over 100 hours of music for feature films, documentaries, short films, television shows & series, and for major events and installations.

Title: The Maker
Composer: Paul Halley

Paul Halley is one of Australia's most popular and innovative composers of classical music, blending elements of traditional classical styles with a distinctive modern edge. With his beautifully melodic and intensely dramatic music he's making a considerable reputation for himself as a composer of highly likeable, contemporary classical music. Drawing on influences primarily from the classical masters such as Beethoven, Bach and Mozart, Paul also draws inspiration from sources as varied as medieval music, cinematic scores, The Beatles and Metallica. Paul regularly puts on performances with his string quartet "The Halley Quartet". Some of his popular works include "Midnight", "The Hand Of Fate" and "Angel".

Title: The Missing Key
Composers: Kathryn Brownhill / Miles Nicholas / Jonathan Nix

Kathryn Brownhill is a violinist, pianist and composer and graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

She has performed and recorded throughout Australia and Europe with bands that include 'The Gadflys', 'Machine Translations', 'Something For Kate', 'Charlie McMahon's Gondwanaland' and 'Wifey'.

Currently she is playing in bands 'Man and Woman', 'Nic Dalton and his Gloomchasers' and 'Terry Serio's Ministry of Truth'.

Composing music for 'The Missing Key' is her first experience of soundtrack composition although she has been performing with director Jonathan Nix for many years in various bands and musical projects.

Miles Nicholas was born into a family of non-musicians in the 1970's. They were, however, all music lovers and Miles was bombarded daily by each family member blaring vastly different tunes from separate stereos. Catching the musical bug badly, Miles taught himself the drums and resigned from school early to take a degree in music specializing in Jazz, Popular and Commercial Music. Post-degree he formed a busking band that travelled the world bastardizing music genres as it went. Bean, an unlikely trio of trombone, guitar and drums, made a success of their six years together releasing critically acclaimed albums of sparkling, indie pop and touring non-stop throughout Australia, Canada and Europe.

Miles began composing music for short films in 2007, working with successful Sydney based directors such as Rene Hernandez and Sebastian Danta. A close, artistic collaboration over many years with genius animator, Jonathan Nix, culminated in 2011's glorious, half-hour, animated epic, The Missing Key: a tour de force of animation, music and sound. Utilizing nearly all the skills at his disposal, Miles' score veers from luscious orchestral pieces to lustrous, chamber-pop torch songs all the way down to uncanny imitations of 1920's jazz, bluegrass and pop 78 rpm records.

2011 also sees the release of Miles' debut solo album. Under the artist name, Last Of The Analogue Kids, the album is called Wait For Night: a winter-themed collection of powerfully evocative, electronic pop. It marries the somber weight of Beck's 'Seachange' to the stark, mechanical beats of artists like Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk.

Jonathan Nix is a graduate of the Australian National University School of Art and of the Centre for Animation and Interactive Media at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. As a double bass, banjo, guitar player and singer for bands including 'The Gadflys', 'King Curly', and 'Machine Translations', Jonathan has toured extensively throughout Australia, Europe and America, and performed on a wide selection of CD's and EP's produced by these and other bands, as well as producing music for film, theatre and performance dance.

Jonathan's first short animated film 'Hello' (2003) has won many awards including the Fipresci Film Critics prize for Best Film at the Annecy Animation Festival in France; an Australian Film Institute award for Best Sound in a Non Feature; and 'Best Animation' at the Nashville International Film Festival; The Seattle International Film Festival; The Los Angeles International Film Festival; and the Miami International Film Festival.

Jonathan's third animated short film 'Gustavo' has screened at more than thirty international festivals and won an AGSC Award for "Best Music in a Short Film'.

In addition to his short films, Jonathan has also created a number of award-winning animated music videos and composed the score for three other award winning short films.

'Small Boxes' and 'The Ground Beneath' by Rene Hernandez, and 'Father' by Sebastian Danta.

Jonathan completed the half hour animated film 'The Missing Key' in June 2011, directing a small but dedicated team including co-composers Miles Nicholas and Kathryn Brownhill.

He lives in a beach suburb of Sydney with his wife, Kathryn, their two children, and 500 exuberant frogs that drive them nuts every time it rains.

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