APRA administers the public performance and communication right in our members' musical works. We do this by collecting royalties for the performance and communication of music from a number of sources. We enter licence agreements with radio and television stations, discos, fitness centres, cinemas, live concert promoters, and other businesses that provide music for their customers either through a music on hold system or by playing music. In return for the right to perform or communicate music, these clients pay us a licence fee.


AMCOS collects income from a number of sources, the major ones being record companies, television stations, Screenrights, video makers, schools and dance schools, and anyone who reproduces music for their business or pleasure. In many cases, the licence is on a pay per use basis, with the money being allocated directly to the copyright owner. Where a blanket licence is issued, for example to a television station, a revenue pool is created for each licensee or group of licensees.