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Every minute of the day, music is used in businesses all across the world. That’s because music is a proven way of helping to establish a deeper emotional connection between people.

APRA|AMCOS licenses:

  • the public performance, broadcast or communication of music
  • the reproduction or recording of music for retail, personal or business purposes,
  • the synchronisation of music with film or video in an audiovisual recording.

To find out more about the type of licence you need, including whether one is available from APRA|AMCOS, first select what you want to do with music from the list below.

Please note: All licence fees and monetary amounts referred to on this site are quoted in Australian dollars unless specifically stated otherwise.


How does it work?

Music doesn’t just happen, it’s created over many hours by talented songwriters and composers, musicians, technicians and artists. Their works help bring us together, entertain us and contribute to our cultural identity and our economy.

If you want to create ambience, build a stronger more distinctive brand, motivate your customers to stay longer, or you simply want to energise your staff, music can make a difference in your business.

To play music for the benefit of your customers and staff or if you wish to reproduce musical works eg CD, film soundtrack or digital download, it is important  that you seek permission from the copyright owners and pay for the right to use their music, if required.

The licence fees collected by APRA|AMCOS are then distributed in the form of royalty payments.

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All licences that are available for download on this site use Adobe Acrobat. If you have trouble downloading or opening these PDFs, visit and download the latest version of Adobe Reader.