Retail outlet, general business or health professional

APRA|AMCOS gives you easy clearance to use music from any legal source, in any way you like, to attract and retain customers and to create atmosphere to provide the best retail and customer experience.

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Our range of licenses will cover the use of music in retail and general businesses in the following ways:

  • Background Music

    Covers the use of a background music system, including CD/DVD, radio/TV, tape/record player, digital music service, digital radio/streaming service and/or multi channel devices and reproduction for digital music services and devices as well as music copied from one format to another.

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  • Music on Hold 

    Covers the use of radio, tape, CD or pre-recorded messages and music via a telecommunication system to callers on hold. Annual fees vary according to the number of external telephone lines. 

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  • Live Performances 

    Covers performances at the premises by live-artist performers. Annual fees are calculated on 2.2% of gross expenditure on live-artist performers plus 1.65% of gross admission receipts where “door deals” occur.

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  • Featured Recorded Music 

    Covers performances at the premises by means of featured recorded music selected or pre-programmed by DJs or a pre-programmed music service.

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Unless otherwise specified, all APRA|AMCOS licences are offered on an annual basis. Where appropriate, fees are subject to an automatic annual adjustment in accordance with the percentage rise in the consumer price index (All Groups Sydney, September Quarter).

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