2011 Winners

The 2011 Screen Music Award winners were:

Feature Film Score of the Year

Title Snowtown
Composer Jed Kurzel
Publishers Ivy League Music administered by Mushroom Music Pty Ltd

Best Music for a Documentary

Title Lachlan Macquarie: Father of Australia
Composer Matteo Zingales
Publisher Sonar Music Pty Ltd

Best Music for a Short Film

Title The Missing Key
Composers Kathryn Brownhill / Miles Nicholas / Jonathan Nix

Best Soundtrack Album

Title Road Train: Road Kill Soundtrack
Composer Rafael May

Best Original Song Composed for the Screen

Title Dream On from The Missing Key
Composer Miles Nicholas

Best Music for Children’s Television

Title K9: Eclipse of the Korven
Composer Christopher Elves
Publishers Fintage Publishing and Collection Australia obo Resonant Music 1 Limited Partners

Best Television Theme

Title Scariacs
Composer Haydn Walker
Publisher Song Zu Publishing Pty Ltd

Best Music for a Television Series or Serial

Title Rake
Composers Michael Lira / David McCormack / Antony Partos

Best Music for a Mini-Series or Telemovie

Title Underbelly Files: Tell Them Lucifer Was Here
Composer Burkhard Dallwitz

Best Music for an Advertisement

Title VW Passat: Change Rooms
Composer Elliott Wheeler

Most Performed Screen Composer – Australia*

Composer Adam Gock/Dinesh Wicks

Most Performed Screen Composer – Overseas*

Composer Neil Sutherland

*Determined by statistical analysis