Making a one-off recording for retail sale

APRA|AMCOS’ Audio Manufacture Licence allows the reproduction of musical works for the following purposes.

  • Retail Sale
    For you to supply record shops or distribution companies with the recording for the purpose of sale.
  • Sale at Performances
    For you to sell the recording direct to customers at performances etc.
  • Demo/audition
    For you to submit the recording to music publishers, record companies, artists, orchestras, bands, radio stations and booking agents etc to promote the artist or composers of the works on the recording.
  • Background music
    For you to use the recordings as background music to a performance or other event. (Note that this licence does not cover any public performance including but not limited to performances in a dramatic context.
  • Educational
    For you - if you are a bona fide educational institution - to provide the recordings free of charge to your students.

Recordings not covered under the AMLA

Reproductions for the following purposes are not allowed under this licence. For these cases, you will need to get permission directly from the copyright owner BEFORE reproducing the musical work(s).

Advertisements and Premiums

See Music in Advertisements and Film


You may not use a sound recording as a sample either from another recording to use in your own recording or to provide to someone else to use as a sample. This requires permission directly from the copyright owner in the musical work and the record company that owns the copyright in the sound recording.

Lyric changes/Parodies

Lyric changes and parodies of works must have been cleared directly with the copyright owner. If you have obtained this permission, you can manufacture the recording under the AMLA, provided you provide us a copy of the written approval for the changes from the copyright owner when you submit your form to us.

How does the licence process work?

By completing the Audio Manufacture Licence Application (AMLA), you provide us with details about the recording and the works you want to use. This information is used to determine the fees payable (a royalty and a separate processing fee) and research the works in order to verify copyright ownership.

Once we have completed processing your application - which usually takes between 3 to 6 weeks depending on the complexity of the research process - we will issue you with:

  1. Prescribed Notice (PN). The PN will show you which of the works on your recording are administered by us and the names of the copyright owners in Australia that control those works. We will also advise you which of the works, if any, are out of copyright and which are not controlled by us.
  1. A tax invoice for the royalty and the processing fee. Once we have received payment of the tax invoice - this will constitute our granting to you a licence to reproduce AMCOS controlled musical works in your sound recording.
  1. Two further invoices (three and six months later) providing your application meets the criteria for our staggered payment option (i.e. total manufactured units greater than 999, total AMCOS Royalty greater than $158 and you provide a copy of invoice/statement from the manufacturer).

Once we have received payment of the tax invoice, you will be granted a licence to reproduce AMCOS controlled musical works in your sound recording.

What fees apply?

The Royalty

The compulsory licence provisions of the Copyright Act, provide for a default rate of 6.25% (exclusive of GST) of the record's GST- exclusive retail selling price.

However the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) has negotiated a preferential rate of 6% (6.6% including GST) on behalf of its members. We have voluntarily extended this rate to all audio recordings made under the AMLA.

Mechanical Royalties are calculated on a pro rata basis according to the number of works* we control on your recording. For example, if your recording consisted of ten works with nine 100% controlled by AMCOS, and the remaining work was out of copyright, the royalty would be calculated as follows:

Selling Price ÷ 10 works (all works on the recording) x 6.6% (the royalty rate) x 9 (the AMCOS Works on the recording). x Quantity Manufactured

These royalty calculations are subject to a minimum fee per work per unit of 5.5 cents (inclusive of GST).

Please also note that a work may have several copyright owners (sharers) and the royalty for each work is calculated by reference to our representation in that work.

Processing Fee

We also charge a processing fee to help offset the costs of researching copyright ownership and establishing the licence. Once researched, details of your recording will be submitted to our electronic clearance facility so that our members can confirm or update ownership details. The processing fee relates to the number of works on the recording that are works registered with APRA|AMCOS. So it excludes works that you may have written for the recording.  The table of fees is:

Number of APRA|AMCOS works on the recording Processing fee (inc GST)
1-5 works $22
6-10 works $44
11-15 works $60.50
16-20 works $77
More than 20 works $93.50
Variation to existing application including reruns $22

An example

If you wrote four of the twelve works on the recording (and these are not represented by AMCOS - see above), the processing fee would be assessed as follows:

No. of licensable works = 8, therefore fee = $44.

Further Information

For futher information refer to:

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Comments, compliments and complaints.

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