Production Music

Production Music is music written & recorded specifically for the synchronisation or dubbing in audio and audiovisual productions, for example, adverts, films, DVDs, TV & radio programs, websites, online games, music on hold and ringtones. 

Production Music,  provides a high quality, cost effective solution for music use in productions. APRA|AMCOS is the exclusive licensing body for all production music listed under the Get Production Music tab in Australia and New Zealand, allowing the clearance of music rights through a straightforward online process. Licences issued by APRA|AMCOS cover the right to reproduce the musical work and the sound recording.

Offering up to 500,000 tracks across all styles & genres.  Production Music is a quick and simple  alternative to music use in audio & audiovisual productions.


1.    There is no cost in becoming registered as a PM client. Simply register as a Production Music client using the Online Client Registration Form and you will be assigned a Production Music Client Number (PMCN).


2.    Source your Production Music from any of the PM Suppliers. You’ll need to quote your PMCN.


3.    Use the music. Don’t forget to make a record of the track you use, including title, composers, Library and disc number and the duration you have used. Submitting a Licence Application to report the usage can be done by logging on to our Online Licensing Facility

Calculate your rates here

Find out your Licence Code by utilising the Online Rate Calculator and to calculate the total licence fee.


If you have any queries regarding Production Music, contact the APRA|AMCOS Production Music Department at or phone (02) 9935 7751.