The Music Network Magazine enters a new era

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The Music Network

The New Year has commenced for The Music Network with an exciting change.

Over the Christmas/New Year break The Music Network was sold to Peer Group Media, one of Australia's leading music marketing and publishing groups.

This change provides The Music Network with an opportunity for growth as well as an expansion of the services we provide to our readers, advertisers, clients and business partners, let alone offering new horizons for all who work here.

John Woodruff, founder/owner and publisher of the magazine since its first issue in May 1994, said:  "Over the past almost 15 years I've watched The Music Network surpass the services it was originally set up to provide to the Australian Music industry...Last year I started getting offers to buy the magazine and realised that with the new era of information needed to keep up with the 21st century music industry that it might be the right time to pass on the flame. My preference was to sell to a music-based company who would honour the spirit and work that had gone into the magazine over the past decade and a half.

"I am ecstatic that Adam Zammit and his Peer Group team stepped up and showed great vision for where the magazine could grow to in the next phase of its development. I'm extremely pleased to have placed the magazine into the hands of a company which sees itself as part of the music industry first and foremost.

Adam Zammit, Owner and CEO of Peer Group Media says: "When TMN started 15 years ago the music industry was dominated by a small number of very influential groups and individuals. Now, the music industry is larger and more dynamic than ever before...

"To be true to its mission, TMN has and must continue to adapt and reflect the realities of this larger music ecosystem - it must live up to its name. We plan to harness the tsunami of this activity, and much of the new data emerging from the digitisation of music content, to generate greater insight and value for the music industry as a whole..."

As part of the acquisition by Peer Group all staff will be retained. In essence the only major change will be that from Monday January 12 we will be located at: St James Hall, 153 Bridge Rd, Glebe, NSW 2037.

Our phone number remains the same for now - 02 9358 1600.

Over the coming months we look forward to providing you with an expanded range of information, news and critical insights to help the Australian Music industry achieve its best results possible. For The Music Network, it will be business as usual, only bigger, brighter and better.